Your Complete Guide To Drinking Around The World EPCOT

When most people think of drinking around the world, they think of Epcot at Walt Disney World. For those unaware, Epcot is home to 11 countries, each with its own bar serving drinks from that country. While there are many bars in Epcot (and elsewhere in Disney World), I’m going to focus on the drinking around the world EPCOT. So sit back, relax, and get ready to drink your way around the world.


History Of Drinking Around The World Epcot

Drinking around the world has been a popular pastime for many decades. From pub crawls to beer tasting tours, people have long had an affinity for trying different drinks from different countries and cultures. At Disney World, this concept was taken one step further with Epcot’s “drink around the world”, which gives guests the chance to sample drinks from each of the 11 countries in one night.

Who to drinking around the world Epcot with?

When it comes to drinking around the world, you don’t have to go alone. It can be a great bonding experience between friends and family members who are of legal age. Plus, there are plenty of fun activities throughout Epcot to keep everyone occupied while they wait for their turn in line at each bar. You may also consider hiring a designated driver, to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Who To Drink Around With World With
Who To Drink Around With World With

How to Prepare for a Day of Drinking Around The World Epcot?

If you plan on drinking around the world in Epcot, there are a few preparations you should make. First, make sure to bring enough money with you for drinks and snacks. Second, it’s important to pace yourself when drinking so that you don’t overindulge.

Finally, since some of the drinks can be quite strong, it’s a good idea to bring along some food or snacks to help counteract the effects of the alcohol. Additionally, make sure you are aware of your limits and don’t push yourself too hard.

Average Cost Of Drinking around the world Epcot

The cost of drinking around the world at Epcot can vary greatly, depending on where you go and what you order. Generally speaking, ordering a beer or glass of wine usually costs around $7-$9. You can also find specialty cocktails for a higher price point, typically ranging from $10-$15.

Where To Start drinking around the world Epcot showcase?

When drinking around the world at Epcot, you can start anywhere you like. However, many people recommend starting in Mexico and working your way counterclockwise around the Showcase. This way, you can save some of your favorite drinks until the end.

Where To Start Drinking In The Epcot World Showcase
Where To Start Drinking In The Epcot World Showcase

What Countries Are Included In Drinking Around The World At Epcot?

Drinking around the world at Epcot includes 11 countries: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, The United States of America, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. Each country has its own bar serving drinks from that country. Many of the countries also offer snacks or other food items to accompany your drinks.

What To Wear When drinking around the world Epcot?

When drinking around the world at Epcot, it’s important to dress appropriately. Keep in mind that the temperature can get hot and humid during the summer months, so it’s best to wear light and breathable clothing. Flip-flops or sandals are also great for comfort while walking around the Showcase.

Best Drinks To Get Around The World At Epcot

Best Drinks To Get Around The World At Epcot
Best Drinks To Get Around The World At Epcot

Canada-Moosehead Draft ($9.25)

The Moosehead Draft, a light and refreshing Canadian beer served at Epcot in Disney World, has been delighting guests for over ten years. Those looking to explore the taste of Canada can find this classic beverage near the entrance of its home pavilion outside – an ideal way to start your journey around all that’s offered from cultures around the globe. Though not exceptionally strong or intense-tasting, it is one of Canada’s best beers available today; perfect for beginners into exploring foreign flavors without too much risk.

United Kingdom-Strongbow Cider ($10)

If you’re in the mood for a proper imperial pint, Epcot has an impressive selection of ales, lagers and stouts – each available at just $10. However our top pick is Strongbow Cider; it’s been a firm family favorite ever since my sister first tried it. Or why not go traditional with Boddingtons English Pub Ale? It captures all that makes British pubs so special – from its unique flavor to its iconic status as one of England’s most beloved pub drinks which continues today even beyond UK borders.

France-Orange Grand Mariner Slushie ($11.50)

Don’t miss out on one of the tastiest beverages Epcot has to offer. This perfect blend between Grand Mariner Rum, Grey Goose, and Orange Juice is sure to be a hit for everyone’s taste buds. Treat yourself with this frozen concoction that will keep you cool during those hot Florida days – it’ll definitely make your day brighter.

Morrocco-Habibi Daiquiri ($12.95)

A visit to Epcot wouldn’t be complete without the Habibi Daiquiri, a delectable frozen mix of rum, strawberry and exotic orange blossom water. The unique concoction is worth every penny and will tantalize your taste buds with its deep red color – it’s so good that “you won’t regret” stopping by for one. Don’t let all those delicious flavors fool you though; this drink packs quite the punch which sneaks up on even experienced drinkers. If you’re looking for an exceptional experience during your stay at World Showcase then make sure to save room in your itinerary (and wallet)for this top-rated refresher.

Drinking Around The World Epcot Tips

Epcot Drinking Around the World Tips
Epcot Drinking Around the World Tips

• Be sure to bring your ID. All guests must be 21 and over with a valid form of identification.

• Pace yourself and drink plenty of water in between drinks to stay hydrated.

• Stick with the same type of currency when purchasing drinks; you don’t want to have to deal with confusing exchange rates.

• Keep an eye on your drinks as someone might try to take advantage of you if you don’t.

• Set a budget before starting and stick to it; most drinks at Epcot cost between $10-15.

• Have fun, but be respectful of the other cultures around you.

Guide To Drinking Around The World Epcot


At your first stop, the options are endless: treat yourself to a Dos Equis beer or cool off with one of San Angel’s delicious frozen margaritas. You can find this delightful cart on the left side of Epcot’s pavilion and get in that boozy mood. Beat the heat while starting up an unforgettable experience at Disney World.


Kringla Bakery in Norway offers a truly unique experience. Their signature drink, the Viking Coffee, is sure to satisfy coffee-lovers and adventurers alike – just be wary of its potency if you’re visiting during summer months.

Guide To Drinking Around The World At EPCOT
Guide To Drinking Around The World At EPCOT


In the China Pavilion, guests can enjoy a variety of Chinese beers like Tsingtao and Harbin. If you’re looking for something with a bit more spice, check out their signature drink the Plum Wine Slush. It’s definitely one of the more unique offerings at Epcot.


If you’re in Germany, you have to try the Erdinger Weissbier. Despite being tradi


At Epcot’s Italy Pavilion, you will find a variety of Italian wines and beers such as Peroni and Moretti. The Spiked Gelato is also an excellent choice for those who want to cool off with something more sweet than boozy. And if you’re looking to add a little bit of something special, then be sure to try the Limoncello Spritzer – it’s perfect for any summer day.


The Japan Pavilion offers an abundance of options from sake bombs to Sapporo beer and even shochu cocktails. Be sure to also check out their selection of unique Japanese whiskeys and Suntory Highballs.

American Adventure

The American Pavilion is the place to be for classic cocktail lovers. Enjoy one of their Signature Martinis like the Espresso Martini or their take on a classic Margarita with their Pineapple Habanero Margarita.


Finally, finish your world tour at Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion and enjoy the refreshing Moroccan Mint Tea or a glass of local wine. A perfect way to end your trip.


One of the most beautiful pavilions in Epcot is France. Enjoy a classic glass of Bordeaux or sip on something more exotic like the Grand Marnier Slush. For those looking for something even stronger, try out their Peach Bellini or Sangria Royale.


No trip to Epcot would be complete without a visit to the Canadian Pavilion. Here you will find a variety of beers like Moosehead or Harp Lager, as well as some delicious ciders and wines. If you want to get an authentic taste of Canada then try out their caesars – a unique twist on the classic Bloody Mary.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom Pavilion offers a great selection of beers and ciders. If you’re looking for something more unique, try out their Fish and Chips Beer or the Pimm’s Cup – a refreshing mix of Pimm’s No. 1 liqueur, ginger ale, cucumber and lime slices.

How to Enjoy Food and Drinks Without Overspending at Epcot?

If you’re looking to enjoy Epcot’s food and drinks without overspending, there are a few tips that can help. First, consider sharing appetizers or ordering smaller portions of main dishes if you’re dining with a group. Second, take advantage of the many snacks and desserts throughout the park – some are even complimentary.

Third, it’s important to pace yourself when it comes to drinks. Consider ordering a flight of beers or wines, which will often cost less than a full glass and give you the chance to sample different options. Finally, if you’re looking for discounts on food and drinks, look out for special promotions or dining offers from Disney World.

Conclusion: Drinking around the world Epcot

Traveling around the world at Epcot is a great way to experience different cultures, try new flavors and make some amazing memories. From Mexican beers to Japanese whiskeys and beyond – there is something for every taste. So grab a drink, have some fun and keep safe while you explore the wonders of Epcot.

FAQs: Drinking around the world Epcot

Is there food available when drinking around the world Epcot?

Absolutely. Each of the 11 countries in the World Showcase offers unique snacks and meals to pair with your drink. From German pretzels and Chinese egg rolls, to Italian gelato and French crepes – there’s no shortage of culinary adventures to take along with your drink-filled travels.

How does drinking around the world at Epcot work?

Enjoy an epic drinking tour of the showcase. Each person can order one delicious drink to sample at each stop, so if there’s two of you it will only be 5 and a half drinks. Even better, invite more friends along and try out different beverages together – making memories that are sure to last long after your taste buds have recovered.

How many drinks can you drink around the world at Epcot?

Make your Disney vacation extra special and take a sip of adventure around the world! Visit Epcot for an unforgettable day, challenging yourself to savor one libation from each of their 11 exotic countries in the World Showcase. A whole new way to explore culture—bottoms up.

How much should I budget for drink around the world at Epcot?

Traveling around the world at Epcot is an unforgettable experience, but you don’t want to forget your wallet! To get a taste of all that this magical park has to offer – literally – budget between $100 and $120. And if you’re sticking with non-alcoholic beverages or passing on some countries’ drinks altogether, expect costs slightly lower than these estimates.

How long does it take to drink around the world Epcot?

Get ready to embark on a thirst-quenching journey! Make sure to set aside an entire day if you plan on visiting all of the pavilions, savoring each delicious drink along your way. By the end of it, cheers will be in order no matter how many hours were spent.

Can you walk around Epcot with alcohol?

Embark on an adventure through Disney’s wildest parks and treat yourself to a tasty beverage along the way. Of course, you won’t be able to take it with you beyond park boundaries – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of time for sipping in Animal Kingdom, Epcot or Hollywood Studios.

How much is drinking around the world in Epcot 2022?

Take a tour around the world (without leaving Florida.) and enjoy an unforgettable drinking experience at EPCOT. With prices averaging just $13 per drink, you can start your journey without breaking your budget!

Can you buy a pass to drink around the world Epcot?

Embark on an international adventure of epic proportions by trying a different drink from each country- no reservations required! Spend just under $90 to sample the finest beverages these locations have to offer. Take part in this remarkable voyage and explore unknown flavors today.

What drinks to get at each country in Epcot?

Explore the world of flavors and spirits at Epcot. At Mexico Pavilion try a Margarita or Michelada, while Norway Pavilion offers Carlsberg beer. For Italy Pavilion sip on a Limoncello Spritzer and then enjoy a Pimm’s Cup in England. Finally, wrap up your journey in America with an iconic Martini.

Are drinks included in Epcot admission?

No, drinks are not included in Epcot admission. You will need to purchase each drink separately as you explore the World Showcase. However, there’s plenty of delicious beverages from around the world to sample so there’s something for everyone.

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